Ochsner Shoes
AI’s key to create 
magical worlds

Ochsner Shoes launches 
its first AI-generated visual campaign

Ochsner Shoes has commissioned us to design the new campaign for the autumn collection. Our approach: We gonna create something unprecedented using AI with the MidJourney tool. The new possibilities are incredible. After numerous exploration sprints, we’ve refined the idea with a photo shoot featuring models and the latest shoe designs.

Role: Concept, Post production, Execution
Agency: Process


The process

Exploration quickly opens up new worlds

Selection of creative approaches to be combined

Focus: Bubbles
Focus: Product staging
Focus: Raindrops + Weather resistance
Focus: Choreography
Focus: Background

Conclusion of the exploration phase

AI has profoundly changed the way we work in fashion, campaigning and many other areas. Concepts emerge in swift sprints, distinctly separated and brimming with magic and imagination. However, it doesn’t work at the push of a button and isn’t user-friendly for everyone. It is a tool that needs to be operated, along with strategies on how to feed MidJourney to achieve good results. As MidJourney and its competitors keep getting better, it’s exciting to see what more they can do in the coming months.

Final keyvisuals


Markus Hammer, Creative Director
Timon Gschwind, Motion Designer

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