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creative Odyssey

In my creative playground, every source of inspiration and outcome from experimenting with new tools finds its place. These may include excerpts from design processes or exploration attempts, even those that may have ended in failure.

AI as my tool for new approaches

Battle of materials
Exploring natural lines
Sketch ⁰¹
On Tennis Draft ⁰¹
On Tennis Draft ⁰²
On Tennis Draft ⁰³
On Tennis Draft ⁰⁴
New Version of Cloudeclipse, Sketch⁰²
Result of merging the prompts: macrame silk + gen z + GANNI + by Nike
Adidas Samba for Wedding
Nike Lace Cloth
Nike Roshe Winter Edition
Easy-entry shoe
Dirt-resistant coated mesh

Things I create
while I’m creating

Animated interactions for Switch
The exciting part within our creative team at Process
Always combine expo in and expo out
Part of Awwwards Design Jury
Bike jersey draft for EKZ
UBS Arena Logo in Belmont, New York
My variable font «Cream Sans»
Less is more or less is less?
I love high x-heights
natural gradients
Always remember No.4
Tech issues vs. design decisions
5W Design Berlin model
3D sphere experiments

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