Curious and driven
by boldness.

Without a doubt, I would describe myself as an enthusiastic person who loves design and good ideas, pushing them forward. With a lot of humor and passion, I find myself right at home in the world of brands. I love everything that moves and is at the forefront of techniques and technologies.

That’s how I work at Process

Where I truly shine

Creating holistic ideas, Challenging them for a higher level, Exploration, AI enthusiast, Developing Design Systems, Strategic approach, Thinking in motion, Logo Design, UI Design

For whom I proved it

Migros, Adnovum, Switch
Swiss Life, Ochsner Shoes, UBS, EKZ, PK Rück, finpension, Clariant, Bell Food Group, VBZ, air-lux

Working experience


Business English C1,
Business Management

Just back from London having completed the Business English C1 and the Business Management Certificate.

My two months in London were a melting pot of cultures, filled with new tools, design inspiration, work strategies and constant communication – exactly what my job entails: effective communication.


CAS Type & Brand 
at ZHdK

The one-year training comprises two parts that are ultimately combined: strategic brand development and a deep dive into type design. I’ve drawn many fonts and as a final project, I conceived a new brand design for Luxemburgerli based on my custom font.


Jury at Awwwards

At Awwwards, I study, analyze and provide jury feedback for the best websites being developed worldwide today.


Brand Designer 
at Process in Zurich

I do brand design processes, create campaigns and develop brand assets both online and offline. I’ve worked on numerous campaigns, strategic designs and logos. These are more enjoyable when they move and follow a storyline. That’s why I’m a big fan of motion behavior.


Design internship 
at Fuenfwerken Design
in Berlin

Fuenfwerken Design is one of the top agencies in Berlin, recognized for its strategic and innovative approach to brand development across diverse industries. Helmut Ness and Marius Hanf introduced me to strategic processes and emphasized the importance of establishing a unique brand essence for every brand before diving into the design process.


Education as a graphic designer at Fachklasse St.Gallen

Over the four years, I learned a lot through experimentation, rethinking and perseverance. In the specialized class, subjects covered include typography, layout, videography, motion design, coding, sketching and photography. I graduated with the highest score in the canton, earning a grade of 5.4 (CH) or 1.6 (DE).


I specialized in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Figma, MidJourney and Glyphs. Mostly 2D, sometimes 3D. For presentations, I use Miro and PowerPoint. I started coding html, css, javascript as a young teen and that curiosity continues to drive my exploration of new technological possibilities.

Deeply convinced of

Given the rapid evolution of digital creation tools, I believe that maintaining curiosity and constant experimentation is crucial to staying current. The ongoing developments in Mid Journey and OpenAI make this an especially exciting time.

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